Gansu, a former trading hub along the Silk Road, our conceptual masterplan design draws on its history and the influence of one belt one road policy to create an innovative urban model for livable city. RSP’s winning design forthe new city will feature university villages, R&D, offices, residential plots together with cultural & innovation hubs and high value added industrial belt along the rivers and mountains to build a strong connection to local context. Among three urban cells well integrated with a bold green and blue framework, a large Central Park will be designated for urban forest flanked by regional creative headquarters and pedestrian shopping streets, exhibition centre, art and cultural facilities and science museum etc.


甘肅是絲綢之路上的重要貿易樞紐,我們的概念性總體規劃設計再續絲路輝煌,在一帶一路的大背景下引進創新規劃模式, 打造蘭州城市副中心,西部創新主平臺。RSP的總體規劃將包括大學村、研發、辦公、居住、文化創新中心,以及沿山體與河流之間高附加值產業帶,建立與文脈的緊密聯系。三個城市細胞功能單元與藍綠系統框架有機結合,中部大型中央公園旨在創造城市森林,聯系兩側矗立的區域性創新總部基地、步行購物街、會展中心、藝術文化設施與科技博物館等。

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Our design will pioneer future industries, especially those related to urban sustainability and cultural renewal in a livable city. We conceptualized a multi-level green space system integrated with a three-dimensional pedestrian walking system from underground to sky bridge to protect and enrich the local natural ecology while catering to its community’s needs.



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Low-carbon principles and multiple intelligent energy utilization techniques have also been weaved into the city’s design core infrastructure to sustain the environment and foster a culture of green innovation.



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Where Lanzhou used to connect East and West through its strategic location along the Silk Road, it will now connect past and future as a sustainable home for culture heritage and eco-innovation.



Design team 項目組成員:

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Aung Phyoe, Lin Yin (林殷), Khine Zin Zin Thwe, Deven Saxena, Chen Hong (陳紅), Jose Paau (包俊明), Kim Seon Hee (金善姬), Ratna Delia Octaviana, Moe Pwint Phyu. 

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